Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I’ve known a lot of friends and foes in Syria … I thought I had more friends than foes, but that turned out to be wrong …

When you make a friend in Syria (or I should at least say Damascus, I don’t want to condemn all the country with this!) this friend would be made only for some common interest !some might say that’s normal and that’s how life is … but no it’s not … not in this case.

You see a “friend” in the Damascene definition: “is a person who you have 1 or more personal gain, interest or benefit with him, and you should expect that this person also have some personal gain, interest or benefit with you. You don’t have to like him, he doesn’t have to like you. You just smile in each other’s faces, say a few complements of praises then ask for what you want.” !!!!

The simplest kind of this friendship (the least harmful) is when you make a friend with someone only to enjoy his/her company when you are bored … a funny guy is the most popular guy in Damascus because he is the tool of entertainment in parties.

Sad isn’t it ? yes it is.

Recently I decided, I no longer wanted to do have friends, especially females like this in my life. they just use me and hurt me. So i have been dating online and it's been great. I dont have to worry about them using me, I know they like me for me, not because of what I have to offer.